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Photovoltaic‐Based Switched‐Capacitor Multi‐Level Inverters with Self‐Voltage Balancing and Step‐Up Capabilities

Summary This chapter proposes two novel basic configurations for switched‐capacitor‐based 13‐ and 17‐level inverters, with high step‐up capability and self‐voltage balancing of capacitors. The large number of produced voltage levels has reduced the THD of output voltage waveform and increased its power quality. So, the end‐side filter can be removed or downsized. The boosting capability of proposed topologies makes them candidates for Photovoltaic (PV) or Fuel Cell (FC) applications, where the low DC output voltage can be boosted and inverted to AC voltage. Also, the natural voltage balancing of capacitors is an important advantage that simplifies the control strategy. The large number of levels (or gain) per devices is one of the main profits of the proposed topologies. This shows that, with the same device count, the suggested topologies can produce more voltage levels than other similar structures. In other words, for achieving the same number of steps, the suggested configurations require less devices than others. The nearest level modulation method has been applied to both suggested structures. This method reduces the operating frequency and switching loss of semiconductors. Also, the suggested topologies have quite high efficiency, which is another advantage. The suggested basic configurations can be extended to produce more steps and higher boosting factors.

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