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Preparation of Self‐assembled Monolayers ( SAMs ) on Au and Ag

Abstract The sections in this article are Introduction Molecular Self‐assembly at Surfaces Historical Background on SAMs Preparation Techniques of Substrates Used for Forming SAMs Gold as a Substrate Material Preparation Method of a Flat Gold Surface on Mica Gold Substrate on Silicon Wafer Template‐stripping Technique as Another Route for Preparation of Flat Gold Substrates Single Crystal Bead of Gold Single Crystal Cut of Gold Other Substrates of Interest Preparation Techniques of Alkanethiol‐based SAMs on Gold Preparation from Solution Phase Electrode Potential Control of SAM Deposition SAM Deposition from Aqueous Micellar Solution Preparation from Liquid and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Preparation from the Gas Phase Structural Characterization and Chemical Properties of SAMs Structure of Alkanethiol‐based SAMs on Gold Close‐packed Structure of SAMs on Gold (111) Surface Superlattice Structure of SAMs on Gold (111) SAM Surface Structure Characterization of Defects by STM Structural Variation in the Backbone Unit of SAMs Chemistry and Energetics of the Formation of Alkanethiol‐based SAMs on Gold Overall Reaction and Energetics of Chemical Adsorption at the Gold/Thiol Interface Chemisorption Energetics for Gold/Organosulfurs Interfaces Stabilization of SAM Structure due to Alkane Chain–Chain Interaction within the Densely Packed Monolayers Structural Effects on SAM Formation and Stability Growth Mechanisms of SAMs General Profiles for SAM Formation Process Growth Studies from the Gas Phase Growth Studies from Solution Phase Further Techniques for Investigating the Growth of SAMs on Gold Patterned SAMs Two Approaches for Fabricating Patterned SAMs: the Top‐down Method and the Bottom‐up Method Spontaneous Phase Separation Scanning Probe Lithography Using SAMs Dip‐pen Nanolithography Microcontact Printing by Use of Organosulfur Inks Photolithography for Fabricating Patterned SAMs Nanotransfer Printing of Patterned Gold Thin Films Other Methods Advanced Modification Technique of SAMs Protecting Groups for Unstable Organic Thiols Modification Technique of SAMs of Dithiols Rigid SAMs BCO and Adamantane SAMs Cholesterol SAM Aromatic SAMs π‐Conjugated SAMs Chemistry on SAMs Click Reaction on SAMs Electrochemistry on Thiol‐based SAMs Modified at Electrodes Bio‐SAMs Concluding Remarks

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