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Preparation and characterization of magnetic hollow Fe3 O4 /P(GMA-EGDMA)-SO3 H/Au-PPy recyclable catalyst for catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol

Abstract A highly effective and stable hollow Fe3O4/P(GMA‐EGDMA)‐SO3H/Au‐PPy catalyst was prepared. Monodisperse hollow Fe3O4 microspheres were synthesized using a hydrothermal method. As the catalyst support, magnetic hollow Fe3O4/P(GMA‐EGDMA) microspheres with core–shell structure were prepared by distillation precipitation polymerization. Then sulfonic acid groups (─SO3H) were introduced into the surface of the support by surface modification. Au3+ could be adsorbed by coordination with ─SO3H and underwent redox reactions with added pyrrole monomers. Finally, an Au–polypyrrole (PPy) layer was formed on the surface of the Fe3O4/P(GMA‐EGDMA)‐SO3H microspheres. The synthesized material was characterized using various techniques. Results indicated that the as‐prepared hollow Fe3O4/P(GMA‐EGDMA)‐SO3H/Au‐PPy catalyst had excellent catalytic activity and exhibited reusability for the reduction reaction of 4‐nitrophenol. In addition, the catalyst was reusable for at least ten successive cycles.

شکل ۳ آماده‌سازی و توصیف of های مغناطیسی مغناطیسی O۴ / P (GMA - EGDMA)- SO۳ H / Au قابل بازیافت کاتالیست برای احیای کاتالیتیک ۴ - نیتروفنول


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