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Effects of types of fillers on the molecular relaxation characteristics, dynamic mechanical, and physical properties of rubber vulcanizates

The dynamic mechanical, and physical properties of bromobutyl rubber were investigated to determine the effect of particle size and of the structure of carbon black and silica. Filler loading was so adjusted that all the experimental compositions had the same hardness level. The results indicate that the type and loading of filler have no significant effect on the molecular relaxation transition. However, elastomer having a desirable storage modulus with low sensitivity to temperature change can be developed using filler with smaller particle size. Higher elongation at break, and better tensile strength, energy density at break, and fatigue life could be obtained by using finer particle or high structure black than with the low structure and higher particle size black. Finer particle size filler loaded systems exhibit pronounced strain dependence, higher thixotropic change, and delayed recovery in dynamic mechanical properties compared to that exhibited by large particle size filler.

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