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Concept and performance testing of an aluminum alloy bamboo-shaped energy dissipater

Summary Energy dissipaters constructed in precast structures play an important fuse‐type role in concentrating damage and protecting the primary structure. The stable tensile and compressive deformation capacity, easier fabrication method, and relatively lower cost are expected in energy dissipater to further enrich its practical application. In this paper, a new bamboo‐shaped fuse‐type energy dissipater consisting of an inner bamboo‐shaped core with slubs and an outer circular tube was developed with high‐precision, all‐metal machining, avoiding the adverse effect of grouting and welding. The aluminum alloy was applied to fabricate the proposed energy dissipater to improve the durability. A series of tests, containing 12 specimens, was performed to address the low‐cycle fatigue behavior of bamboo‐shaped dissipaters, and stable hysteretic curves were obtained without any local and overall buckling. The deformation of the core was evidently affected by slubs, which were restrained by the outer tube. Furthermore, parametric studies on design variables including length of segments, the length of slubs, the number of segments, and the size of gap between the slub and the tube are performed. On the basis of test results of all specimens, aluminum alloy bamboo‐shaped dissipaters show a promising future for wide application in new or retrofitted buildings, which require excellent seismic behavior and durability.

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