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On the Progression of Slope Failures Using Inverse Velocity of Surface Movements in an Undercut Slope Model

The undercutting method applied together with the cut-and-fill technique has been realized through open-pit coal mining. To predict the time of slope failure, a method of forecasting slope failure time by the inverse velocity of slope surface proposed by Fukuzono (1985 in A new method for predicting the failure time of a slope. Japan Landslide Society, Japan, pp. 145–150) is employed in practice. However, the characteristics of slope movements in undercut slopes are different from those of typical slopes due to arch action across the pit; therefore, more investigations are required to examine whether this method can be effectively used to predict the failure time for an undercut slope. In this study, the undercut slope failure prediction technique following this approach was examined via geotechnical centrifuge modelling. The movement distributions of the slope surface were recorded by a high-speed VDO camera and analysed by the image processing software. This study confirms that the inverse of the average surface velocity is qualitatively valid for a centrifuge model of undercut slope.

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