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Research on Application of PCA and K-Means Clustering in Enterprise Human Resources

For enterprises, the effective allocation of human resources is of utmost importance. In order to solve the problems existing in the recruitment and assignment of employees, the application of principal component analysis is used to reduce the dimension of evaluation indicators, and K-means clustering analysis of data after dimension reduction. By comparing the size of weighted comprehensive evaluation values of the cluster centers, the four classes are sorted among classes. By comparing the size of principal components scores, achieve within the class sorting, so as to achieve the total ranking results. Case studies show that enterprises can use this method to classify recruiters according to the actual situation, and the evaluation results are conducive to arrange reasonable jobs for new hires.

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95/12/18 - با استفاده از افزونه دانلود فایرفاکس و کروم٬ چکیده مقالات به صورت خودکار تشخیص داده شده و دکمه دانلود فری‌پیپر در صفحه چکیده نمایش داده می شود.