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Personal Reflections of My Research in Structural Mechanics: Past, Present, and Future

The personal reflections of the author’s research in structural mechanics, covering the development of shear deformation theories of laminated composite plates and shells (past and present), and formulation of nonlocal theories (present), and the modelling of web core sandwich and architected materials (present and future) are presented. Various professional milestones are reviewed and the salient features are highlighted. The milestones include: (1) Reddy’s third-order shear deformation laminate plate theory for quadratic representation of the interlaminar shear stresses without the use of shear correction factors, (2) Reddy’s layerwise theory for laminates for accurate determination of interlaminar stresses, (3) algebraic relationships between the bending solutions of shear deformation theories and classical theories of beams and plates, (4) locking-free shell finite elements accounting for thickness stretch, (5) strain gradient/modified couple stress theories for beams and plates, and (6) nonlocal micropolar theory of plates to model web core structures. Due to the space limitations, a discussion of only topics 5 and 6 are included here.

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