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Mesenchymal stromal cell and osteoblast responses to oxidized titanium surfaces pre-treated with λ = 808 nm GaAlAs diode laser or chlorhexidine: in vitro study

Preservation of implant biocompatibility following peri-implantitis treatments is a crucial issue in odontostomatological practice, being closely linked to implant re-osseointegration. Our aim was to assess the responses of osteoblast-like Saos2 cells and adult human bone marrow-mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) to oxidized titanium surfaces (TiUnite®, TiU) pre-treated with a 808 ± 10 nm GaAlAs diode laser operating in non-contact mode, in continuous (2 W, 400 J/cm2; CW) or pulsed (20 kHz, 7 μs, 0.44 W, 88 J/cm2; PW) wave, previously demonstrated to have a strong bactericidal effect and proposed as optional treatment for peri-implantitis. The biocompatibility of TiU surfaces pre-treated with chlorhexidine digluconate (CHX) was also evaluated. In particular, in order to mimic the in vivo approach, TiU surfaces were pre-treated with CHX (0.2%, 5 min); CHX and rinse; and CHX, rinse and air drying. In some experiments, the cells were cultured on untreated TiU before being exposed to CHX. Cell viability (MTS assay), proliferation (EdU incorporation assay; Ki67 confocal immunofluorescence analysis), adhesion (morphological analysis of actin cytoskeleton organization), and osteogenic differentiation (osteopontin confocal immunofluorescence analysis; mineralized bone-like nodule formation) analyses were performed. CHX resulted cytotoxic in all experimental conditions. Diode laser irradiation preserved TiU surface biocompatibility. Notably, laser treatment appeared even to improve the known osteoconductive properties of TiU surfaces. Within the limitations of an in vitro experimentation, this study contributes to provide additional experimental basis to support the potential use of 808 ± 10 nm GaAlAs diode laser at the indicated irradiation setting, in the treatment of peri-implantitis and to discourage the use of CHX.

پاسخ سلول stromal mesenchymal و واکنش‌های osteoblast به سطوح تیتانیوم اکسید شده قبل از تیمار با لیزر diode و یا chlorhexidine: در مطالعه آزمایشگاهی

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