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Prediction of rheological behavior of MWCNTs–SiO Subscript 2 /Subscript /EG–water non-Newtonian hybrid nanofluid by designing new correlations and optimal artificial neural networks

In this paper, at the first, new correlations were proposed to predict the rheological behavior of MWCNTs–SiO 2 /EG–water non-Newtonian hybrid nanofluid using different sets of experimental data for the viscosity, consistency and power law indices. Then, based on minimum prediction errors, two optimal artificial neural network models (ANNs) were considered to forecast the rheological behavior of the non-Newtonian hybrid nanofluid. One hundred and ninety-eight experimental data were employed for predicting viscosity (Model I). Two sets of forty-two experimental data also were considered to predict the consistency and power law indices (Model II). The data sets were divided to training and test sets which contained respectively 80 and 20% of data points. Comparisons between the correlations and ANN models showed that ANN models were much more accurate than proposed correlations. Moreover, it was found that the neural network is a powerful instrument in establishing the relationship between a large numbers of experimental data. Thus, this paper confirmed that the neural network is a reliable method for predicting the rheological behavior of non-Newtonian nanofluids in different models.

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