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Enhancement of bioactivity and bioavailability of curcumin with chitosan based materials

Curcumin (CUR) has been investigated for its poor accessibility to a site of action or absorption and rapid metabolism to cope with the limited medication and cure applications. This article reviews numerous approaches, such as encapsulated surfactant/polymeric micelles, liposomes, micro/nano-spheres, nano-suspensions/composites, nanocomplex, films, and hydrogels for effective transfer of CUR to target sites. Chitosan (CS), and chitosan derivatives have been found to enhance therapeutic efficacy of CUR. CS/modified-CS based alginate, cyclodextrin, starch, dextran sulfate, ZnO, phytosomes, and poly(butyl) cyanoacrylate drug delivery matrices improved bioavailability, prolonged drug loading and permeability, sustained release rate, improved solubility and stability (prevent metabolic degradation) of CUR, consequently promoting various clinical applications. CS based polysaccharide, protein, and metal oxide drug delivery nano formulations advantageously participated to improve biological activities of CUR. We have attempted to summarize these delivery approaches, and reviewed future trends/strategies to permit the introduction of CUR as practical therapeutic drug.

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