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The latest process and challenges of microwave dielectric ceramics based on pseudo phase diagrams

AbstractThe explosive process of 5G communication evokes the urgent demand of miniaturized and integrated dielectric ceramics filter. It is a pressing need to advance the development of dielectric ceramics utilization of emerging technology to design new materials and understand the polarization mechanism. This review provides the summary of the study of microwave dielectric ceramics (MWDCs) sintered higher than 1000 from 2010 up to now, °C with the purpose of taking a broad and historical view of these ceramics and illustrating research directions. To date, researchers endeavor to explain the structure-property relationship of ceramics with multitude of approaches and design a new formula or strategy to obtain excellent microwave dielectric properties. There are variety of factors that impact the permittivity, dielectric loss, and temperature stability of dielectric materials, covering intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Many of these factors are often intertwined, which can complicate new dielectric material discovery and the mechanism investigation. Because of the various ceramics systems, pseudo phase diagram was used to classify the dielectric materials based on the composition. In this review, the ceramics were firstly divided into ternary systems, and then brief description of the experimental probes and complementary theoretical methods that have been used to discern the intrinsic polarization mechanisms and the origin of intrinsic loss was mentioned. Finally, some perspectives on the future outlook for high-temperature MWDCs were offered based on the synthesis method, characterization techniques, and significant theory developments.

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