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Design of higher-order sliding mode controller based on genetic algorithm for a cooperative robotic system

This paper proposes a new control framework for a cooperative robotic system which consists of two manipulators to grasp and handle an object with known geometry. Based on passive decomposition approach, the dynamics of the cooperative system are decomposed into the shape and locked systems, considering uncertainty in the dynamics of the robots. Two higher-order sliding mode controllers are designed for them and are tuned by genetic algorithm in the form of an optimization problem. Using the passivity property of passive decomposition approach, the proposed new higher-order sliding mode controllers ensure passivity of the closed loop system. Stability and convergence of the tracking errors are proved by defining a Lyapunov function and using Barbalat’s lemma. Eventually, the comparative simulation results confirmed that the proposed control scheme works well and as expected, works better than the classical sliding mode controllers.

طراحی کنترل‌کننده مد لغزشی مرتبه بالاتر مبتنی بر الگوریتم ژنتیک برای یک سیستم رباتیک مشارکتی

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