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Sedimentology and the petroleum industry

A consideration of the actual state of relations between sedimentology and the petroleum industry shows that between the rapid development of sedimentology on the one hand, and the application of the results to concepts of the petroleum industry on the other hand, a striking discrepancy exists. The essential reasons for this surprising fact may be seen from the opinions occasionally expressed by important petroleum geologists at congresses and other meetings. The concepts of the petroleum industry, and especially those of exploration activity, are necessarily influenced by hypotheses which, in the course of their application, often become more and more dogmatic. As a result, the value of the concepts used is decreased. It is now an important task of applied sedimentology continually to confront the results of new sedimentological research with the hypotheses which are common in use in petroleum geology, and eventually to enforce a re-examination of these ideas.Important results of sedimentological investigations which should influence current ideas concerning source beds, primary distribution of organic matter in sediments, occurrence and distribution of hydrocarbons, primary migration and reservoir traps are briefly outlined.

Sedimentology و صنعت نفت

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