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Doping and semiconductor characterizations

Diamond-based rectifiers and transistors are promising devices for next-generation ultralow-loss power electronics. However, present device structures limit operation currents to tens of amperes, hindering the application of diamond in real industry. Doping technique and characterization are key for the fabrication of semiconductor power devices. This chapter reviews the current status and remaining challenges of fabricating p-type diamond and n-type diamond focusing on doping by chemical vapor deposition, high-pressure high-temperature gradient method, and ion implantation. Furthermore, comprehensive study on optical and electrical characterization of doped diamond are demonstrated, such as absorption, luminescence and photocurrent spectroscopies, and carrier mobility. The basic concepts and representative results obtained on monocrystalline as well as polycrystalline doped diamond films will be discussed.

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95/12/18 - با استفاده از افزونه دانلود فایرفاکس و کروم٬ چکیده مقالات به صورت خودکار تشخیص داده شده و دکمه دانلود فری‌پیپر در صفحه چکیده نمایش داده می شود.