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The manufacture and properties of lubricating greases

In the first article in this series the properties that a lubricating grease must possess were summarised as:1The ability to form a film of lubricant which is not easily removed and which may be required to resist shock loading2The ability to form a large mass which will not be easily removed, thus making a seal which will prevent contamination by water, scale and dust3The ability to prevent corrosion4The ability to resist temperature rises without becoming softened unduly in the process5The ability to withstand shear without breakdown of the structureIt was also shown that some properties such as the ability to resist temperature rise and the ability to resist water are largely imparted to the grease by the type of thickener from which the grease is made. The way in which the properties of a grease are affected by the lubricant used as the base was also explained. Other properties, such as stability under shear and oil retention, are largely imparted to the grease by the manufacturing procedure. The remaining properties such as load carrying, resistance to oxidation and in many cases corrosion resistance are functions of the additives present. In this article grease manufacturing procedure and additives will therefore be discussed.

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