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Antennal Movements and Mechanoreception: Neurobiology of Active Tactile Sensors

Publisher SummaryThis chapter focuses on the biology of the antennal tactile sense of insects and crustaceans. It covers the biomechanics, kinematics, and behavioral biology of antennal movements, the peripheral and central neurobiology of antennal mechanoreception, and interdisciplinary aspects of biology and engineering of tactile sensing. The discussion is concentrated on a set of insect model organisms, all of which employ their antennae in active tactile sensing. Work on other species, particularly on decapod crustaceans, is used to complete and contrast the insights from the insect model organisms. The chapter discusses three aspects of the antennal tactile sense that draw on information from various sections and, therefore, require separate treatment. It addresses the behavioral similarities between insect and crustacean antennal tactile sensing, which are particularly remarkable when bearing in mind the morphological differences between these taxa. The chapter also provides a contrast in the categories of passive and active sensing, by relating them to a behavior-based classification of tactile sensing.

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