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Methanol formation at high pressure by the catalyzed oxidation of natural gas and by the sensitized oxidation of methane

A three part study of the partial oxidation of natural gas or methane to methanol was carried out. In the first part, the effect of reactor wall composition on the homogeneous oxidation of natural gas was determined at a pressure of 30 atm (1 atm=1.01325·10 5 Pa) and temperatures of 350–400°C. In the second part, the effect of solid catalysts on the oxidation of natural gas was determined in a heterogeneous system at 30 atm and various temperatures. Finally, the effect of various homogeneous 'sensitizers' on the oxidation of pure methane at 10 atm was evaluated.

تشکیل Methanol در فشار بالا توسط اکسیداسیون اکسید شده گاز طبیعی و اکسیداسیون sensitized متان

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