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Effects of indented feed of roller tool on parallel spinning of circular aluminum tube

Spinning is a very effective and flexible manufacturing technology for short production runs in a variety of sizes and shapes. Spinning is widely applied in the tube forming corresponding to the increased usage of the tubular parts. Authors have built a prototype computer numerically controlled spinning machine which uses the numerical control technology to spin a tube instead of dies in order to improve the tube processing. The indented feed of a roller tool is one of the important spinning conditions. The effects on the spinning force, spinning accuracy and thickness strain are experimentally examined in this study as a function of indented feed of the roller tool on parallel spinning of a circular aluminum tube. The spun tube properties are also made clarified. Results show that with the increment of indented feed of roller tool, the wall-thickness strain and the axial strain becomes steady, the spinning force increases, the diameter accuracy becomes worse, and the surface hardness as well as surface roughness increase.

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