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An onset of nucleate boiling criterion for horizontal flow boiling

A model to predict the onset of nucleate boiling has been successfully developed to differentiate purely convective evaporation from mixed nucleate and convective boiling during evaporation inside a horizontal tube of 14 mm I.D. Based on an extensive database collected for the natural refrigerant ammonia (R-717) over mass velocities from 10 to 140 kg · m −2· s −1 , the analysis of the stratified, stratified–wavy and mainly annular flow patterns during evaporation with different heat flux ranges showed very accurate predictions in terms of the local heat transfer coefficient using this new onset of nucleate boiling criterion.

آغاز معیار نقطه جوش برای جریان جوششی افقی

یک مدل برای پیش‌بینی شروع جوشش هسته با موفقیت توسعه داده شده‌است تا تبخیر کاملا همرفتی را از جوشش هسته و همرفتی در طول تبخیر درون یک لوله افقی با اندازه ۱۴ میلی متر متمایز کند.
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