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Engineering and environmental properties of thermally treated mixtures containing MSWI fly ash and low-cost additives

An experimental work was carried out to investigate the feasibility of application of a sintering process to mixtures composed of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator (MSWI) fly ash and low-cost additives (waste from feldspar production and cullet). The proportions of the three constituents were varied to adjust the mixture compositions to within the optimal range for sintering. The material was compacted in cylindrical specimens and treated at 1100 and 1150 °C for 30 and 60 min.Engineering and environmental characteristics including weight loss, dimensional changes, density, open porosity, mechanical strength, chemical stability and leaching behavior were determined for the treated material, allowing the relationship between the degree of sintering and both mixture composition and treatment conditions to be singled out.Mineralogical analyses detected the presence of neo-formation minerals from the pyroxene group.Estimation of the extent of metal loss from the samples indicated that the potential for volatilization of species of Pb, Cd and Zn is still a matter of major concern when dealing with thermal treatment of incinerator ash.

مهندسی و خواص محیطی مخلوط‌های تحت تیمار حرارتی حاوی خاکستر بادی MSWI و مواد افزودنی کم‌هزینه

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