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Evaluation of temperature and loading rate effect on fracture toughness of fiber reinforced asphalt mixture using edge notched disc bend (ENDB) specimen

Highlights•The mode I and III fracture resistances were increased by increase the fiber content.•Influence of fiber was more pronounced for mode III case.•Both KIc and KIIIc became more by decreasing the test temperature and increasing the loading rate.•The temperature had more significant effect on mode III fracture toughness value.AbstractA number of specimen configuration and testing method have been developed till now for determining the fracture toughness of asphalt concrete. The Edge Notch Disc Bend (ENDB) specimen is among the suitable test specimens in this regard due to its some primary advantages such as simple geometry and testing procedure and also covering different combination of mode I and III fracture case. In this paper the influence of fiber, temperature and loading rate is investigated experimentally on mode I and III fracture toughness of asphalt mixtures tested with the ENDB specimen. The fracture toughness experiments were conducted on three different low temperature value, three loading rates and different fiber percentages.

ارزیابی تاثیر دما و نرخ بارگذاری بر چقرمگی شکست مخلوط آسفالتی تقویت‌شده با الیاف با استفاده از نمونه خمش لبه شیاردار (ENDB)

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