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Effect of bypass coupling current on corrosion resistance of twin-wire indirect arc surfacing layer

Highlights•Surfacing layers with better corrosion resistance were produced by BC-TWIAW.•Indirect arc and direct arc burn alternately increased layers’ solidification rate.•Faster solidification improved homogeneity and enhanced corrosion resistance.•Passive film of BC-TWIAW layers owned the characteristics of bipolar semiconductors.AbstractCorrosion resistance of stainless steel surfacing layer prepared by twin-wire indirect arc welding (TWIAW) under different bypass coupling current was studied. For bypass coupling TWIAW(BC-TWIAW), the welding arc was a hybrid arc consisting of indirect arc and direct arc burning alternately. Increased cathode wire feeding speed raised current of indirect arc, which was beneficial for promoting wire melting and adjusting solidification rate. With a higher cathode wire feeding speed, weld solidified faster, and the corrosion resistance was significantly improved. Passive film of BC-TWIAW layers owned the characteristics of bipolar semiconductors with less charge carriers.Graphical abstractDownload : Download high-res image (151KB)Download : Download full-size image

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