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Recommended vapor pressures for acenaphthylene, fluoranthene, and fluorene

Recommended vapor pressure data for three polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, acenaphthylene (CAS RN: 208-96-8), fluoranthene (CAS RN: 206-44-0), and fluorene (CAS RN: 86-73-7), were developed by the simultaneous correlation of vapor pressure and related thermal data (heat capacities of condensed phases, ideal-gas heat capacities and calorimetrically determined enthalpies of sublimation). For acenaphthylene, new experimental data on vapor pressure, enthalpy and temperature of fusion and solid and liquid heat capacity were obtained. New solid heat capacity data were measured also for fluorene. For fluoranthene, relevant thermodynamic data were taken from the literature. The thermodynamic properties in the ideal gaseous state were calculated using the methods of statistical thermodynamics based on experimental as well as calculated fundamental vibrational frequencies and molecular structure data. Supercooled vapor pressures were calculated using the relations suggested for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the literature. Comparisons with literature values are shown for all measured and derived properties.

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