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Government to business e-services – A systematic literature review

Highlights•A Systematic Literature Review related to G2B E-Services was conducted, focusing on the years 2007–2019.•Polydispersity of articles originates from the plurality of sources detected and fragmentation of research topics.•E-Procurement, E-Customs, E-Taxes, Interoperability, Change of Processesand User Acceptance are the main research topics.•G2B Services planning, E-Customs, E-Invoices, Interoperability and stakeholders’ analysis will attract research attention.AbstractThe study undertakes a systematic literature review of government-provided E-Services for businesses (Government to Business E-Services). The literature review process selects and analyses 331 publications. The research highlights the polydispersity of identified publications, resulting from the fragmentation of disciplines. The primary activities in this research field occur mainly in Europe and Asia. In addition, there is a steady engagement of researchers on G2B E-Services. The overall maturity level of governmental services identified in the literature review is quite satisfactory. The main research topics are E-Procurement, E-Customs, E-Taxes, Interoperability, Process Transformation, Cost and Pricing Issues, Barriers and Key Success Factors, and Assessment of Effectiveness. Case studies and surveys are the most popular research methods. In the future, a deeper analysis of the stakeholders' views, enhancement of planning, development and transformation of G2B E-Services, redesign of back-office processes, and interoperability between different systems should attract research interest. Finally, we expect further analysis of E-Customs and E-Invoices, as these services have significant added value.

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