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Enhanced hydrogen generation behaviors and hydrolysis thermodynamics of as-cast Mg–Ni–Ce magnesium-rich alloys in simulate seawater. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Highlights•Ce promotes self-activity and more multiphase microstructure of Mg–Ni–Ce alloys.•Increased temperature and Ce can improve initial H2 production rate and capacity.•The capacity of (Mg10Ni)95Ce5 alloy is 887 mLg−1 at 291 K in simulate seawater.•Hydrolysis H2 generation mechanism of Mg–Ni–Ce alloys is proposed.AbstractIn this study, we developed as-cast (Mg10Ni)1-xCex (x = 0, 5, 10, 15 wt%) ternary alloys by using a flux protection melting method and investigated their hydrolysis hydrogen generation behaviour in simulate seawater. The phase compositions and microstructures of as-cast (Mg10Ni)1-xCex ternary alloys are characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with electron energy dispersion spectrum (EDS) and transition electron microscope (TEM). Their kinetics, thermodynamics, rate-limiting steps and apparent activation energies are investigated by fitting the hydrogen generation curves at different temperatures. With increasing Ce content, the (Mg10Ni)1-xCex ternary alloys show increased electrochemical activities and decreased eutectic. When 10 wt% and 15 wt% Ce added, the active intermediate phase of Mg12Ce has been observed. The hydrogen generation capacity of (Mg10Ni)95Ce5 is as high as 887 mLg−1 with a hydrolysis conversion yield of 92%, which is higher than that of Mg10Ni alloys (678 mLg−1) with a yield only 75% at 291 K. The initial hydrolysis reaction kinetics of Mg–Ni–Ce alloys is mainly controlled by the electrochemical activity and the mass transfer channels formed in the alloys. Such a structure-property relationship will provide a possible strategy to prepare Mg-based alloys with high hydrogen conversion yield and controlled hydrolysis kinetics/thermodynamics.Graphical abstractDownload : Download high-res image (421KB)Download : Download full-size image

رفتارهای پیشرفته تولید هیدروژن و ترمودینامیک آبکافت آلیاژهای غنی از منیزیم منیزیم - Ni - Ce در شبیه‌سازی آب دریا. مجله بین‌المللی انرژی هیدروژن

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