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Veterinary perspectives on cattle welfare challenges and solutions

Highlights•We conducted focus groups of European veterinarians and veterinary researchers working with the dairy and beef cattle industries.•Aims were to identify perceptions of challenges and solutions to animal welfare issues in the industries.•Stakeholders perceived economics and poor farmer and veterinarian knowledge and attitudes as challenges.•Strong support was observed for improved welfare education to farmers and veterinarians.AbstractLivestock veterinarians have important roles in advancing animal welfare on farms. In the present study, focus groups were used to engage dairy and beef cattle veterinarians and veterinary researchers based primarily in Europe. Discussions were structured to elicit perceptions of welfare issues on cattle farms, as well as the challenges and desired solutions for change. Discussions were audio recorded and transcribed verbatim and content analysis was used to identify participants’ views on animal welfare challenges and solutions. Participants held multi-dimensional conceptions of animal welfare that included animal health, pain and distress, and behaviour. When asked to discuss animal welfare challenges, participants focused on five primary themes: animal welfare definition and assessment, economic barriers, and farmer, veterinarian, and researcher-related challenges. Participants envisioned the following overarching solutions: 1) research to develop better animal welfare assessment, 2) motivating increased adherence to standards via either voluntary incentives or mandatory regulations, and 3) increased communication linkages between stakeholders, primarily in the form of education to farmers and veterinarians.

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