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Carbon nanotubes: Types, synthesis, cytotoxicity and applications in biomedical

The nanotubes of carbon are widely considered allotropic carbon, which has many unique properties. Carbon nanotubes and their related materials have many characteristic properties and applications, making them a suitable choice in the biomedical field such as tissue engineering, drug release, biosensors, and gene therapy. However, CNTs toxicity has played an important role in the various biomedical applications which makes them difficult to use. There are many such aspects that lead to CNTs toxicity such as agglomeration, size, impurities, and length. This review concludes the different aspects and operations that influence the toxicity of carbon nanotubes. In this review, we have also covered the various applications of carbon nanotubes that are related to the biomedical field, biodistribution effects, and potential health-related deleterious effects that nanotubes may have during interactions with cultured cells and living organisms.

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