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Visible light photocatalytic degradation of methyl parathion as chemical warfare agents simulant via GO-Fe3O4/Bi2MoO6 nanocomposite

Highlights•New ternary GO-Fe3O4/Bi2MoO6 nanocomposite was successfully prepared.•Successful degradation of methyl parathion in the presence of GO-Fe3O4/Bi2MoO6 nanocomposite.•More than 95% of methyl parathion was degraded in less than 140 mins using GO-Fe3O4/Bi2MoO6 nanocomposite.•The band gap energy of Bi2MoO6 nanostructures was decreased from to 2.52 eV after doped with GO and Fe3O4.AbstractChemical warfare agent simulants present significant risks for humans, animals, and the environment. In this work, GO-Fe3O4/Bi2MoO6 nanocomposite was synthesized and fully characterized by FE-SEM, FT-IR, BET, XRD, VSM, and UV-Vis spectroscopy and used as a potential photocatalyst for degradation of methyl parathion as a chemical warfare agent simulant. The effect of pertinent factors (pH, the amount of catalyst, and organophosphate concentration) in the synthesis process was studied using a central composite design by response surface methodology. The band gap of the synthesized GO-Fe3O4/Bi2MoO6 nanocomposite was 2.5 eV, appropriate for visible light photocatalytic activity. According to the obtained results, after 120 minutes, GO-Fe3O4/Bi2MoO6 photocatalyst showed more than 95% degradation efficiency for methyl parathion as a chemical warfare agent simulant. The magnetic characteristic of the synthesized photocatalyst helped its recovery from the solution after the reaction. According to the obtained data, GO-Fe3O4/Bi2MoO6 nanocomposite could degrade methyl parathion (efficiency more than 90%) even after five consecutive runs. The GO-Fe3O4/Bi2MoO6 nanocomposite shows promising performance for catalytic degradation of methyl parathion with the possibility to expand its application for other toxic chemicals removal.Graphical abstractDownload : Download high-res image (195KB)Download : Download full-size image

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