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Neuroplastic and cognitive impairment in substance use disorders: a therapeutic potential of cognitive stimulation

Highlights•Addictive drugs induce lasting neuroadaptations in learning-related brain regions.•Cognitive deficits are common in addiction and predict a worse treatment outcome.•Cognitive training may alleviate cognitive decline, addiction symptoms, and relapse.•Environmental enrichment modulates drug seeking and neuroplasticity in rodents.•Cognitive stimulation may be a worthy adjuvant intervention to treat addiction.AbstractDrug addiction is a chronic and relapsing disorder in which repeated drug exposure compromises brain neuroplasticity. Brain areas normally involved in learning and goal-directed behaviors become corrupted, which may lead to cognitive deficits that coexist with other addiction symptoms and predict a worse treatment outcome. New learning experiences that are not motivated by drugs may improve both cognitive deficits and drug-induced symptoms by promoting adaptive neuroplastic changes that could alleviate or reverse those involved in addiction. The present review will focus on whether potentiating healthy cognitive function, either by formal cognitive training or non-drug related environmental experiences, could exert beneficial effects in the therapeutics of addiction. Although additional studies are needed, the available clinical and preclinical evidence suggests that cognitive stimulation may provide a valuable adjuvant intervention in drug addiction.

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