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Neural correlates of emotion-attention interactions: From perception, learning, and memory to social cognition, individual differences, and training interventions

Highlights•Emotion-attention interactions impact many aspects of daily life.•These interactions involve interplays between affective and executive brain systems.•Individual differences (age, sex, personality) can modulate emotion and attention.•Maladaptive emotion-attention interactions are common in affective disorders.•Training and interventions can optimize emotion-attention interactions.AbstractDue to their ability to capture attention, emotional stimuli tend to benefit from enhanced perceptual processing, which can be helpful when such stimuli are task-relevant but hindering when they are task-irrelevant. Altered emotion-attention interactions have been associated with symptoms of affective disturbances, and emerging research focuses on improving emotion-attention interactions to prevent or treat affective disorders. In line with the Human Affectome Project’s emphasis on linguistic components, we also analyzed the language used to describe attention-related aspects of emotion, and highlighted terms related to domains such as conscious awareness, motivational effects of attention, social attention, and emotion regulation. These terms were discussed within a broader review of available evidence regarding the neural correlates of (1) Emotion-Attention Interactions in Perception, (2) Emotion-Attention Interactions in Learning and Memory, (3) Individual Differences in Emotion-Attention Interactions, and (4) Training and Interventions to Optimize Emotion-Attention Interactions. This comprehensive approach enabled an integrative overview of the current knowledge regarding the mechanisms of emotion-attention interactions at multiple levels of analysis, and identification of emerging directions for future investigations.

هم‌بسته‌های عصبی تعاملات هیجان - توجه: از ادراک، یادگیری، و حافظه تا شناخت اجتماعی، تفاوت‌های فردی، و مداخلات آموزشی

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