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Writing research involving children with autism spectrum disorder without a co-occurring intellectual disability: A systematic review using a language domains and mediational systems framework

Highlights•Greater number of studies searched and included compared to prior reviews.•Limited references to writing theory and research (with less theory than research).•Noted differences in skills assessed in descriptive and intervention research.•Large variation in the assessment of different written language skills.•Lack of research between writing, language domain, and mediational systems skills.AbstractBackgroundDescriptive and intervention research studies have identified writing as a challenge for many students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, relatively little remains known about how these studies have examined specific writing skills, particularly from a writing research perspective. This study systematically reviewed descriptive and intervention studies using a language domains and mediational systems framework to examine how studies have examined transcription (handwriting and spelling) and translation/text generation (written expression) skills and associations between writing skills with language domain and mediational systems skills. Study quality indicators including reference to writing research and theory were also examined.MethodFrom an initial screening of 1,958 records, 46 studies (29 descriptive and 17 intervention) were retained for inclusion. Studies were coded for study characteristics, quality indicators, and reported writing and writing-associated skills.ResultsStudies included 1,166 participants who were predominantly male with a verified ASD diagnosis but varied on other characteristics. Study quality was low for certain indicators (i.e., power analysis and generalization), and fewer studies referenced writing theory compared to writing research. Studies reported on different writing skills (transcription: 52%; translation/text generation: 70%) but infrequently reported on associations with language domains (0–7%) and mediational systems (24–43%).ConclusionsStudies have focused predominantly on assessing transcription or translation/text generation skills with little systematic attention to relationships between writing and language domain or mediational systems skills. Reviewed studies offer preliminary findings, areas of needed future research, and implications for continued research into understanding and supporting the writing skill development of children with ASD.

نوشتن تحقیق شامل کودکان مبتلا به اختلال طیفی اوتیسم بدون ناتوانی ذهنی مشترک: مرور سیستماتیک با استفاده از یک حوزه زبانی و چارچوب سیستم‌های mediational.

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