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Intelligent packaging: Trends and applications in food systems

Highlights•Intelligent packaging can contribute to food waste reduction.•They are tools for consumer selection of safe foods at retail-level.•Concepts for indicating/sensing quality are explained with product-wise examples.•Research need for intelligent tools for liquid foods is emphasized.AbstractBackgroundIn recent years, research on food packaging is gaining momentum, primarily being driven by consumer preferences to food quality and food safety. Also, as food packaging plays a pivotal role in product selection at retail outlets, the interest on developing novel strategies in food packaging is on the rise. One such concept with huge potential in the food industry is intelligent packaging.Scope and approachThe focus of this work is to provide an up-to-date information on intelligent tools such as indicators (thermal indicators, leak indicators, freshness indicators, pH indicators), sensors, radio frequency identification tags and other essential aspects of intelligent packaging systems as reported in literature and those that have gained commercial value for applications in the food supply chain.Key findings and conclusionsEmphasizing the potential of intelligent packaging, a range of products, including muscle-based foods, and fruits and vegetables are discussed. Importantly, this work highlights research needs, particularly in terms of applications for liquid foods, which are the most perishable commodities.

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