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When are visitors actually satisfied at visitor attractions? What we know from more than 30 years of research

Highlights•This is the first integrative summary of quantitative-empirical findings from VS studies conducted in VAs.•This literature review by means of a meta-analysis of VS drivers based on 61 primary studies reported 373 VS effect sizes.•The highest mean effect sizes across all VA categories are show cost-benefit ratio, brand image, and employees' service quality.•Significant differences are found regarding VS drivers' importance for different VA categories.•Detailed managerial implications for different VA categories and most relevant VS drivers are provided.AbstractVisitor attractions (VAs) are very important factors in choosing a tourist destination and have tremendous economic impact, resulting in VAs’ increasing numbers and higher competition. To achieve competitive advantages and positive economic effects for destinations and VAs, research evidence is needed regarding beneficial and operable VA success drivers. Research considers visitor satisfaction (VS) as the key to success. Despite the high managerial relevance of VS drivers, no integrative analytical summary of quantitative-empirical findings in this field is available. To derive empirical generalizations about all VAs and insights regarding specific VA categories, a critical literature review of VS drivers including a meta-analysis based on 61 primary studies reporting 373 VS effects is provided. Based on these findings, detailed managerial implications and avenues for further research are described.

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