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Multistage large-scale charging station planning for electric buses considering transportation network and power grid

Highlights•Large-scale charging station planning for electric buses.•Optimize the planning jointly under the transportation system and power grid.•A spatial-temporal model decides the sites of facilities for multiple stages.•Equivalently transform the model into a mixed-integer second-order cone programming.•Implement a case study of the real-world transportation network in Shenzhen, China.AbstractWith the applications of electric buses (e-buses), potential solutions to problems related to infrastructures for charging e-buses are emerging. This study particularly focused on large-scale fast charging-station planning for e-buses in the public transportation electrification process, according to the characteristics of e-bus operation and plug-in fast charging mode. We conducted an interdisciplinary study to optimize planning jointly under the transportation system and power grid. In addition to capturing the spatiality of the e-bus charging service network, we further considered temporality in order to conduct long-term planning in view of the continuously growing e-bus charging demand. A spatial-temporal model, which determines the sites and sizes of e-bus charging stations, was proposed and the strategies for multistage infrastructure planning were put forward. The model was equivalently transformed into a mixed-integer second-order cone programming with high computational efficiency. The model and the multistage planning strategies were justified through a series of numerical experiments. A case study of Shenzhen, China was implemented and the robustness of the model to plan changes was studied.

برنامه‌ریزی یک ایستگاه شارژ در مقیاس بزرگ برای اتوبوس‌های برقی در نظر گرفته می‌شود که شبکه حمل و نقل و شبکه برق را مد نظر دارد.

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