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Mode conversion of SH guided waves with symmetry inversion in plates

Highlights•Interaction of SH waves with free and free-fixed discontinuities was investigated.•A reciprocity principle based analytical model and a finite element model were used.•Symmetric discontinuities with opposite boundary conditions invert mode’s symmetry.•The higher the frequency the more effective symmetry inversion.•Experiments on acrylic plates with a bonded steel part confirmed symmetry inversion.AbstractWhen shear horizontal ultrasonic guided waves interact with thickness discontinuities in plates, the reflected and transmitted wavefields can be composed of several modes due to mode conversion. It is known that in a plate with a symmetric discontinuity, with respect to the plate’s mid-plane, mode conversion is restricted to modes that share the same symmetry as the incident mode. In this paper, we use an analytical model based on the reciprocity principle and finite element analysis to investigate mode conversion due to the interaction with different types of discontinuity, namely, non-symmetric, symmetric and geometrically symmetric but with opposite boundary conditions, that is one side of the discontinuity free and the other rigidly fixed. We show that the reflected field due to interaction with the latter is virtually restricted to modes with the opposite symmetry of the incident one, acting as a symmetry inverter discontinuity. Unlike fully symmetric discontinuities, the effectiveness of a symmetry inverter discontinuity depends on the frequency. This was proved with aid of the analytical model for a full-depth discontinuity and verified for partial depth discontinuities. Finally, symmetry inversion of SH waves was experimentally verified in acrylic plates which were symmetrically machined and filled with steel in one side to mimic a fixed boundary condition.

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