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Sonoelectrochemistry for energy and environmental applications

Highlights•Critical overview on progression of sonoelectrochemistry in energy and environment.•Importance of ultrasound with electrochemical process is highlighted.•Challenges that remain for sonoelectrochemistry in energy/environment applications.•Experimental parameters of sonoelectrochemistry and future perspectives discussed.AbstractSonoelectrochemistry is the study of the effects and applications of ultrasonic waves on electrochemical processes. The integration of ultrasound and electrochemistry offers many advantages: fast reaction rates, enhanced surface activation, and increased mass transport at an electrode. Significant progress has been made in advancing basic and applied aspects of sonoelectrochemical techniques, which are herein reviewed by addressing the development and applications of sonoelectrochemical processes in energy and environmental areas. This review examines the experimental procedures that are used in various sonoelectrochemical techniques generally used for the synthesis of energy related materials (e.g., fuel cell electrocatalysts and materials for hydrogen production) and for the degradation of various organic compounds/pollutants. The challenges that remain for the sonoelectrochemical production of energy materials, the degradation of organic pollutants, and their associated reaction pathway mechanism(s) are also discussed. This review also highlights the significant improvements made to date. The provided information in this review may be helpful to scientists working in the research areas of environmental remediation, energy exploitation and exploration, as well as synthetic process-oriented research.Graphical abstractDownload : Download high-res image (179KB)Download : Download full-size image

Sonoelectrochemistry برای کاربردهای انرژی و محیطی

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