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The effect of surface area on the properties of shape-stabilized phase change material prepared using palm kernel shell activated carbon

Abstract The effect of the surface area of palm kernel shell activated carbon (PKSAC) on the properties of n-octadecane-encapsulated shape stabilized phase change material (SSPCM) for thermal energy storage (TES) application were studied. Various surface areas of the PKSAC were prepared using different amounts of H3PO4 treatment given to palm kernel shells from 0, 5, 10, 30 and 40% before the activation. The impregnation of n-octadecane into the different surface areas of PKSACs produced SSPCMs with different physico-chemical characteristics. The DSC analysis indicates that the higher the surface area of the PKSAC resulted in the higher freezing temperature due to the higher PCM loading that was encapsulated into the PKSAC pores. The results obtained from XRD, FESEM, Raman spectroscopy, TGA/DTG and leakage study indicate that the PKSAC is a good framework material for the development of n-octadecane-encapsulated SSPCM. It was also found that the surface area and porosity of the frameworks, activated carbon play an important role on the PCM loading percentage and their ability to be used as a thermal energy storage material.

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