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Review of FRP Composite Materials for Pipeline Repair

This paper is intended to explore the physical and environmental aspects, relative to pipeline environments, of the reinforcing fibers and matrix resins used in the production of FRP Materials. With the imminent release of "PCC 2, Article 4.2 NON-METALIC REPAIR SYSTEMS FOR PIPELINES AND PIPE WORK; HIGH RISK APPLICATIONS" (ASME Article 4.2 Draft) many questions are asked regarding the FRP materials being specified and their appropriate uses. Various fibers, namely Carbon fiber, Glass fiber and Aramid fiber will be discussed as well as the form, woven, stitched and unidirectional, into which the fibers can be manufactured. The matrix resin chosen for use in various pipeline applications depends on environmental conditions. What environment conditions effect the choice of matrix resins? How do you as an owner evaluate the choices you are presented? Engineered materials present great opportunities to expand the options the pipeline industry is using to preserve its infrastructure. Making the correct choices regarding FRP materials requires the knowledge of what FRP materials can and cannot do for you.

بررسی مواد مرکب FRP برای تعمیر خط لوله

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