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A Database in Support of Modeling of Component Deterioration for Collapse Prediction of Steel Frame Structures

Protection against collapse is a primary objective of earthquake resistant design. In recent years much effort has been devoted to the development of reliable analytical tools that predict global collapse of structural systems due to dynamic instability. This instability is usually caused by a combination of P-Delta effects and deterioration in strength and stiffness of structural components. Lack of data to model deterioration properties of structural components does not enable us to predict collapse in a systematic and reliable manner. This paper focuses on the development of an extensive database on deterioration properties of steel beams and columns subjected to cyclic bending moments. This database is based on monotonic and cyclic component experiments for steel beams and columns performed over the last forty years. It provides relationships that associate analytical model parameters such as cap strength and deformation, post capping stiffness, and residual strength with detailing criteria that control deterioration of components. The database is used to obtain central values and measures of dispersion of all parameters needed to describe the cyclic deterioration behavior of steel beams and columns. The deterioration parameters of each component of an example steel frame structure are extracted from the steel database and a collapse prediction for the building is performed.

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