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Size optimization of a stand-alone micro-grid integrated with flexible load and the complementary of solar and wind

With the development of micro-grids, the large-scale use of solar and wind energies, and the high growth of load demands, it is of great significance to improve the utilization ratio of renewable energy and economy for a micro-grid system. By making full use of the complementary of solar and wind energies or realizing the interaction between supply and demands, this situation can be effectively improved. Thus, regarding the ability of these two factors, this paper is devoted to analysing and modelling a stand-alone micro-grid with a hybrid PV/wind/battery power generation system. Also, an optimal energy management strategy, which emphasizes the coordination of sources/batteries/loads, is proposed based on the existing strategies. Furthermore, the effect of the complementary of solar and wind energies is studied. Aiming at minimizing the annualized cost of the system ( f ACS), flexible load dispatching cost ( f fl), and unutilized renewable energy probability ( f UREP), a multi-objective size optimization problem is efficiently solved using the particle swarm optimization algorithm. The simulation results depict the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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