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Review and Comparative Study of I-V Characteristics of Different Memristor Models with Sinusoidal Input

Memory-resistor (Memristor) has drawn considerable attention of the researchers in the last decade due to its remarkable properties. After the first concept of memristor, proposed by Leon Chua in 1971, almost no research work was conducted in this field for a long time. However, since the revolutionary discovery of the physical structure of memristor and its model of the HP lab in 2008, a tremendous amount of research work has been going on. Researchers are focusing on improving the models for the analysis of the memristor. Different researchers have come up with their model to improve the existing ones. These models can be linear, nonlinear or exponential. To overcome the boundary problem, many window functions have been proposed. Different models have their explanations of voltage-current relationship and state variable derivatives. This paper presents a detailed review and a comparative study of the existing memristor models based on their I-V characteristic curve. Original experimental I-V curve from the HP lab has been used as the reference for comparison.

بررسی و بررسی تطبیقی ویژگی‌های I - V ویژگی‌های مدل‌های مختلف Memristor با ورودی sinusoidal

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