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Recovery of Copper and Precious Metals and Separation of Lead from Flue Dust of Electronic Waste Processing

The flue dust generated during the processing of e-waste is valuable as a secondary metal resource. In this study, a process of selective metal recovery from flue dust through the magnetic separation and the leaching process were developed. All the experiments were carried out at atmospheric pressure below 60°C. A continuous four-step process was carried out for the selective recovery of Al, Cu, Au, and Pb, using NaOH, H2SO4, CH4N2S, and HNO3 as leaching reagents in the four steps, respectively. As a result of this continuous recovery process, leaching efficiencies of 57.3% for Al, 98.0% for Cu, 75.2% for Au, and 77.5% for Pb were obtained.

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