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Experimental study of the influence of the process parameters in the milling of Al6082-T6 alloy

In this study, end milling operations were conducted on Al 6082-T6 alloy by different cooling environments, cutting speeds or velocities (Vc), feed rates (f). The experimental results were statistically examined using the TOPSIS technique and the ANOVA test. Further, the effect of influencing process parameters, namely, cooling environment, feed rate, and cutting velocity on the various output responses, namely, cutting temperature (Tc), feed force (Fx), normal force (Fy), axial force (Fz) and average surface roughness (Ra) were studied. Tool wear and surface morphology, cut surfaces 2D and 3D profile investigation were performed to analyse the cut surfaces at various conditions. The ANOVA test output showed the cooling environment, f and Vc were the influencing cutting parameters affecting the different performance characteristics of end milling. The overall milling performance of the Al 6082-T6 alloy has been enhanced through proper selection of the optimal parameters setting, namely, wet cooling, f 0.02 m/tooth, and Vc 125 m/min by TOPSIS analysis.

مطالعه تجربی تاثیر پارامترهای فرآیند در آسیابکاری آلیاژ Al۶۰۸۲ - T۶

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