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An Analysis of Image Segmentation Methods for Brain Tumour Detection on MRI Images

MRI scans have been very helpful in the study of the diagnosis or segmentation of brain tumors in recent years. The brain tumor may be detected due to MRI scans. The MRI image is shown in the nervous system to create abnormal tissue growth or blood blocks. The first step in diagnosing the brain tumor is to control the brain structure, which symmetrically and asymmetrically identifies abnormalities. The next step is segmentation based on morphological operations (Fuzzy transformation). In this post, we explored different methods for MRI image identification and brain tumor segmentation. Precise tumor removal is important for brain tumors because of the complex brain structure. Some parameters for extracting features such as configuration, form, dimensions and image position are considered. With respect to the results retrieved from extract features the process of tumor classification is performed. This paper offers a number of techniques for the prediction of brain tumors.

تحلیل روش‌های قطعه‌بندی تصویر برای شناسایی Tumour مغز در تصاویر MRI

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