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Wideband, Non-Foster Impedance Matching of Electrically Small Transmitting Antennas

Electrically small antennas (ESAs) can be passively matched only over very narrow bandwidths and the resulting antennas have low gains. These are the major limiting factors for ESAs used in transmit applications, especially at high-frequency (HF) and lower Very HF frequency bands. This paper discusses the challenges of transmit ESA matching circuit design and the design process of a new non-Foster transmit matching architecture for electrically small monopole antennas that achieves wide bandwidth, high transmission efficiency (transducer power gain), and stability at the same time. The proposed circuit is composed of a current buffer (for high isolation), a transformer (for real-part matching), and a negative impedance converter (for imaginary-part matching). The measured -6 dB (-10 dB) |S\n

Wideband، Non Foster of "آنتن‌های کوچک Transmitting"

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