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Free vibration of a clamped‐free circular cylindrical shell partially submerged in a liquid

ABSTRACTTheoretical analysis and experimental study have been carried out on the free vibration of a thin cantilever cylindrical shell partially submerged in a liquid. In the analysis, the shell is assumed to be submerged in a rigid cylindrical container with finite diameter. Considering the effect of static liquid pressure, coupled bulging‐type natural frequencies were calculated for various system parameters, i.e., thickness ratio, aspect ratio, density ratio, radius ratio, material parameter, and liquid height. The effect of liquid height outside the shell on the bulging‐type natural frequency and on the mode shape of vibration was found to be remarkable for a thinner and longer shell. The results are summarized in the form of engineering design data from which one can easily presume the natural frequency of a given shell partially submerged in a liquid. To confirm the accuracy of the theoretical analysis, experimental study was conducted by using two test cylinders made of polyester film. Excellent agreement between theoretical results and experimental ones was demonstrated.

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