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Physical design and evaluation of a high-intensity accelerator-based D-D/D-T fusion neutron source

.A high-intensity accelerator-based D-D/D-T fusion neutron source (ZF-400) with a thick adsorption target is designed with an intensity of \( 10^{13}\) n/s. A high-current microwave ion source is used to produce a large current deuteron beam, and neutrons are generated by irradiating the deuteron beam on a deuterium-adsorption target or tritium-adsorption target. According to the particle-in-cell (PIC) code, the length of the whole high-current D+ beam transport line is 500cm, the D+ beam transfer efficiency is up to 96%, and various components can match each other. On the rotating target, the D+ beam spot size is about 20.0 mm with energy of 450 keV. Based on the heat conduction theory, the thick adsorption rotating target with water-cooling can withstand the D+ ions beam with 450 kV/50 mA and ensure that the temperature is less than 200 °C. According to the multi-layer computing model, neutron energy spectra, angular distributions and yields for the thick target can be calculated with remarkable precision. The neutron energy spectra are non-mono-energetic neutrons for the ZF-400 neutron generator, the neutron angular distributions are anisotropic distributions, and they can provide neutrons with an intensity of \( 2.8\times 10^{11}\) n/s (D-D) and \( 1.4\times 10^{13}\) n/s (D-T), respectively, with the deuteron of 450 keV/50 mA.

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