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Efficient Designs of Reversible Shift Register Circuits with low Quantum Cost

Reversible computations have attracted a lot of attention in recent years due to the ability to reduce energy dissipation that is needed in nanocircuits. The main purpose of designing reversible circuits is to reduce the energy consumption that occurs due to the loss of input bits in irreversible circuits. In this paper, we initially proposed a new [Formula: see text] reversible block and then its quantum realization is given using the Miller et al. method. In the following, an effective reversible design of D flip-flop is introduced using the proposed reversible block. Finally, four types of reversible shift register including serial-in to parallel-out (SIPO), parallel-in to parallel-out (PIPO), parallel-in to serial-out (PISO) and shift counter are proposed using the proposed reversible flip-flop. The evaluation results show that the proposed circuits are superior compared to the existing designs in terms of quantum cost (QC).

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