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We present a lock-free algorithm for concurrent manipulation of a binary search tree (BST) in an asynchronous shared memory system that supports search, insert, and delete operations. In addition to read and write instructions, our algorithm uses (single-word) compare-and-swap (CAS) and bit-test-and-set (BTS) read-modify-write (RMW) instructions, both of which are commonly supported by many modern processors including Intel 64 and AMD64. In contrast to most of the existing concurrent algorithms for a binary search tree, our algorithm is edge-based rather than node-based. When compared to other concurrent algorithms for a binary search tree, modify (insert and delete) operations in our algorithm (a) work on a smaller section of the tree, (b) execute fewer RMW instructions, or (c) use fewer dynamically allocated objects. In our experiments, our lock-free algorithm significantly outperformed all other algorithms for a concurrent binary search tree especially when the contention was high.We also describe modifications to our basic lock-free algorithm so that the amortized complexity of any operation in the modified algorithm can be bounded by the sum of the tree height and the point contention to within a constant factor while preserving the other desirable features of our algorithm.

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